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Our quality features - Your benefit.

Industrial units require varied Cardan Shafts, depending upon the field of business. We have experience in supplying our custom-made Cardan Shafts to many industries, including steel mills, railways and paper mills. We offer shaft sizes from S to XXL+ and fast delivery within 24 to 48 hours. We are renowned among business that have difficult or extreme operating conditions since we offer the benefits of un-split bearings, maintenance-free function, Maximum strength and minimum deformation under load, maximum journal cross-bearing capacity, specific material selection and treatment, optimum weld connections and computer-analysed perfect geometry.

WiCHMANN Cardan Shafts are the right choice for the most difficult and the most challenging operating conditions (in particular in the field of heavy-duty Cardan Shafts from XL to XXL+):

  • Unsplit bearing eyes
  • Maintenance-free function
  • Highest possible strength and minimum deformation under load
  • Maximum journal cross bearing capacity
  • Specific material selection and treatment
  • Optimum weld connections
  • Perfected geometry due to computer analyses